Building the software
that you can champion!

Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Mobile Games
Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Cloud Servers
Quality Assurance
UX Design
And many more…

We build the software that
you can champion!


We are solving the most complex challenges that every business have. Our solutions help our clients be before others. Together we are winning new markets. And most of all, our assistance makes our clients industry’s champions.

With we are helping thousands of companies do their job. Thanks to our system millions of goods are delivered to people all around Eurasia. Each day 25 thousands of carriers and their fleet of 150 000 cars work on We know that not every system can work independently. connects with major ERP systems and telematics used by carriers. can be connected with every other application - we’ve developed an easy to install API.

The biggest Road
Transport Platform in
this part of the world.
New silk road.

Students Insurance CRM

We all know that the youth is our future. We agree that safety is the most important in parenting. That is why our system is helping 3500 schools with over 2 million students have protection. In cooperation with the insurance broker, and major insurance companies we prepared a system, that offers security of 15 insurance companies.

As in every project, we do not forget about business, that is why we provide a payment system and a variety of reports.


We know that each business, that grows, need new talents! We care about our client’s HR. We help hire new employees. We are very proud of TransJobs is an HR-platform that was done (from scratch) in 5 months! And we had our 5 minutes after the delivery - the project was shown in Polish National Television.


We care about every business. We grow when we see our clients championing!
We also care about our neighbors. Each community must benefit from our presence! We are giving, what we have the most precious. Our knowledge - we share our expertise with others.

We are cooperating with Western Nevada College, College of Southern Nevada and other institutions to create new IT talents for Nevada …and many more…

Programming languages and frameworks:

PHP7, JAVA, Python, JavaScript, Angular, React.js,React Native, Node.js, GO, Blockchain.
MySQL, PostreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elastic, MSSQL.
AWS, Google Cloud, Azure.
Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins.
Service-oriented architecture:
Api REST, GraphQL.