Every story has its beginning

We have noticed that there are very few technology companies that have knowledge, experience and their own teams specializing in every IT services. Usually, they are also juggernaut-sized companies that are difficult to cooperate with.

It is because software and services suppliers prefer to specialize in very narrow disciplines. On the other hand, customers prefer to cooperate with the lowest possible number of contractors and they prefer to be sure that each of the contractors will deliver a solution of appropriate quality. However, verification and selection of another contractors entail additional time and risk. Innovative Programming Alliance is the answer to that challenge.

Verified software development hub

IPA is a group of technology companies that have developed a shared quality standard in providing IT services. Each of the companies contributes their own experience and technology stack to the alliance. Because of that, as IPA we can implement complex projects for our customers, using fully verified member companies for that purpose. At present, IPA structures include the following companies: Netins, fireup.pro and Trans.eu.

Benefits for our customers

For customers the cooperation with IPA denotes the possibility to realize complex projects from various fields, such as TSL, insurtech, HR or fintech and the possibility to utilize the full spectrum of technology. We also ensure quality. We can do it because, depending on the challenge and a given customer’s product, we chose the best team, out of all IPA member companies, for their implementation.

Our activities for the community

We believe in the power of education and because of that, in cooperation with Western Nevada College and College of Southern Nevada, we train future IT market professionals. We are responsible for preparation and implementation of the Web Development Academy course. After completion of the course the course attendees are well prepared to find themselves in the labor market and they are prepared to understand the relations between business and technology.

Join to Innovative Programming Alliance

We are open to other technology companies billing to act within IPA structures. Verification is very important for us. In order to join us you have to be prepared for the process of due diligence and for checking your technical skills. Start with sending an e-mail to contact@ipa-software.com.

Build your next project with us. Feel free to contact.